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If things don't work out it's because of the space between us

This collaborative duet focuses on the relationships, social implications, and power structures that emerge from male bodies moving in space. We were curious of what consequences would arise when subjective acts of intimacy, violence, humor and power are positioned in a physical space other than the social norm. How can space support the dissemination of power along an axis of rules prescribed by popular culture? This year-long performance project drew movement inspiration from the shifting context of our personal lives, including improvised, highly dependent partnerships and nuanced unison material, as well as movements found in popular gay club culture and more. We fragmented our "natural" movement patterns as means of experimenting with the ways in which our identities were/are/could be represented.

Choreography & Performance by Evik Abbott-Main + Dante Brown
Performed as a part of Movement Research at the Judson Church, May 15 2012
Music by Amnamnam (Axél Alberto Carrasquillo), Devendra Banhart, James Blake, Mommas & the Papas
Runtime is approx. 12 minutes


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