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What this room does not admit or Half the room

This project began as a closer exploration of an earlier work, "Fetters of my Tongue" (2010), which was set to an arranged score of Joseph Campbell’s 1967 lecture series, "The Celebration of Life." Inspired by Campbell’s series, this previous work looked at gender, religion and military iconography, and the ways in which these three topics (religion, war, and sex) worked to delineate landmarks in a cycle of violent & perpetual discord. An experiment in permeability/rigidity, curiosity, revealing/concealing, "What this room does not admit or Half the room" uses dance, visual set pieces, video projection, lighting and more to explore dualistic human relationships. Choreographed for physical, visual and virtual environments to explore modes of intimacy, vulnerability, and absurdity in both common and otherwise human interactions.

Choreography/Direction: Evik Abbott-Main
Dancers: Evik Abbott-Main & Madeline Irmen
Music by Al Bowlly, Erykah Badu
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