Hope that lines don't cross

Picture any collision of images that tells you things have changed -- "Hope that lines don’t cross" concerns the shadowy boundaries that divide our lives, and the personal connections that define our character, our sense of place, wants and goals and, really, everything else dear to us.


This work arrived out of a 2-week residency where the dancers and I worked to bridge our daily lives (first introductions, personal interests, thoughts, obsessions) with our in-studio practice. In this spirit, the work remains open: an invitation for the audience to witness the dancers as they are, dancing together and perhaps not, in the unavoidable event of moving forward.


Runtime is 14 minutes



Music by Chopin, Connie Francis, Roxette, Artie Shaw, Anthony Vine, Michael Wall 
Performed by // Eastern Michigan University Dancers // Andrea Conroy, Abigayle Cryderman, Morgan Hertz, Liz Hynes, Alyssa Langmeyer, Amber Lawson, Caitlin Orlando, Madelyn Prebola, Allison Smith, Emily Swanson, Lisa Wissing
Rehearsal Director Kathy King
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