Boy Friday
Boy Friday

Class is rigorous, physical, and is largely guided through sensation-based prompts that merge improvisation and heavily nuanced, set material. Focus is given to musicality, foot articulation, artistic curiosity, strength and stamina building exercises, the continuous and ever-mobile awareness of weight, and dance as an embodied research practice. How can we feed our passions to move and loosen our critical judgment? How can sweat and effort describe our personal histories and how can we nurture the will to offer our stories with confidence? How does the legacy of our technique(s) serve as a springboard to our dancing that we then expand with quality, sharp awareness, sense of humor and dedication? Why do we dance ... because we gotta.

boy friday

I consider my art to be an exercise in freedom. As a dance artist, I maintain a practice of moving, watching, questioning and risking as much as possible. I desire to make use of the human body as a sophisticated, trustworthy lens through which to better understand the world. I see us as tools of resistance, extenders of scale and catalysts for change. My goals are grounded in a fundamental trust in the body as a source of rich, fluid conversation between people, objects around us, moments we inhabit and more. I work to create viscerally provocative, ferociously intimate performance events that grow from the interrogation of virtuosic movement, rigorous conceptual research, and the theatricality of radical and surreal environmental design. Poetics over logic; experiments over results, I desire to discover ‘what else’ is physically available and untapped. The dancing body is a complex mirror of our shared socio/political experience and my aim is to encourage the discovery, discussion and embodiment of our distant yet familiar cultural existence.