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In the future
we'll all be kings


​This project presents a theatrical, hyper-real picture of a community’s call-to-arms. The event appears as a collection of smaller dances, modular in form, ordered to communicate notions of confidence, empowerment and companionship.


Accompanied by a dissonant sound score, the work challenges the viewer's perception of time, looking to the future and backward to the situations that lead us here. Each instance allows for a multiplicity of readings and visually salient experiences to emerge along the way.​​​

Runtime is approx. 40 minutes 

Choreography/Direction: Evik Abbott-Main


Performed by Tessa Anton, A.J. Blankenship, Melanie Gallo, Adam Houston, Madeline Irmen, Alyssa LeRose, Fiona Lundie, Alexandra Runyon
Music score: Michael Wall
Lighting design: Dave Covey
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