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In the future we'll all be kings


​This project presents a theatrical, hyper-real picture of a community’s call-to-arms. The event appears as a collection of smaller dances, modular in form, ordered to communicate notions of confidence, empowerment and companionship.


Accompanied by a dissonant sound score arranged by Michael Wall, cinematic lighting by Dave Covey, the work challenges the viewer's perception of time, looking forward to the future and backward to the situations that lead us here. Each instance allows for a multiplicity of readings and visually salient experiences to emerge along the way.​​​


Runtime is approx. 40 minutes 


Performed by Tessa Anton, A.J. Blankenship, Melanie Gallo, Adam Houston, Madeline Irmen, Alyssa LeRose, Fiona Lundie, Alexandra Runyon
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